People from the Barren




The Marrow Tribes are ruled by a strict matriarchy. They will assimilate and consume any of the scarce resources found in the Barren – be it graft dust or external life forms.

War- Mother: The most distinguished females have earned the honor of leading the Marrow tribe into battle. Their Spine-Clubs are used as often to bash enemy skulls, as to spur male warriors into the thick of battle.

One-of-Many: Expendable Marrow males possess no identity of their own, and have no purpose but to breed and to be thrown en masse against enemies of the tribe. They use War Sickles, fashioned from the fossilized head-crests of Sacred beasts.

The Sacred: The Marrow people believe they have descended from these semi-intelligent beasts, while Shard scholars claim this is what the Barren tribals eventually devolve into. Whatever the truth, the Sacred’s animalistic senses and unbridled ferocity make them excellent trackers and dangerous skirmish fighters.

text by Petar Petrov

April 8, 2015